Kristen Forgione is the Creator + Principal Designer of THELIFESTYLEDCO Design Firm and Retail Shops, specializing in a minimal + modern aesthetic called, Organic Desert Living.

After 10 years in career fields from finance to hospitality, it was her stint in Los Angeles fashion school, that reignited her childhood passion for all things color + design. Now calling Arizona home, LCo has lead the west coast design market for the last six years, with clients nationwide, a design studio, retail shop and a team of desert loving designers and support staff. When she is not creating, she spends her days with her husband, two small boho baby girls, black labs, and traveling the world, one big (or little) destination at a time.

The LCo team’s work has garnered attention in the media world from HGTV, Houzz, The Today Show, Modern Luxury Magazine and Luxe Magazine, just to name a few.


If you're new to our firm, WELCOME! If you're old to our firm, looks like we've made it this far, so apparently you + I are one! There is no easy way to say all of these things so I'm just going to brain dump here, and hope you 1- enjoy the read and 2- contact us, if in the end, you are laughing out loud and looking us up on Instagram. We actively seek out like minded individuals who are authentic and open as we've found these clients make the best partners. Yes, we are partners. If you think we aren't, you have not prepared yourself for the number of times you are going to talk to us for the foreseeable future. We are partners, aka practically married, meaning we have each others' backs. We respect each others' experiences and honor each others' thoughts. We hold each others' families in the highest regard and are totally understanding when someone has a sick kid. Along the same lines, we are so incredibly driven, sometimes we work twenty hours to complete an install for you when your move in date is tomorrow and the contracting team decided it would be totally acceptable to start 2 days later than the time we'd arranged for months (you should have heard me on that phone call). We are fueled by design both near and far, by the thought of originality and the execution of years of experience. We are challenged by new concepts, color palettes and obstacles while keeping our design and the way you and your family adapt to those designs, top of mind. Bottom line, we are a team of totally "normal", faithful Beliebers, reality TV watching, bargain loving, fashion addicted, Pinterest searching people who want nothing more than for this experience to be flawless. But like most things, design is rarely perfect. We can promise you to attack every day with passion and resourcefulness that will keep us as close to "perfect" and "flawless" as we can get, while drinking coffee (and wine) and knowing, sh*t gonna happen (PS- if you see us at the store with 13 carts, instead of looking at us like we are the Big Foot family, while simultaneously asking if we are "redecorating your house", offer up a hand and we'll gladly accept). My Dad taught me early in life, "it's not what happens, it's what you do about it", and I use that saying almost daily in this firm. I am truly humbled and honored that you would consider sharing your home and your family with us, and cannot wait to laugh with you about this letter, after we're hired, and like many of our clients can attest, keep on laughing for years and years, not just as clients, but as carefully selected friends.

XO! --KF