YES! It's finally PARTY TIME! After almost a year without blogging, while undergoing a complete rebrand, and redesigning our website, we are LIVE! 

We hope you love the new website and take a moment to look around! We've been able to highlight some of our favorite projects in our new Portfolio (with more to come), added a page all about our little mountain retreat, the Drift Fence Cabin and snuck in a "shop" page, which will (at some point) have a bunch of the hand curated goodies, found in our NEW STUDIO! 

We cannot thank our web designer, Leesa Dykstra and our Marketing Guru, Carole Gurule for putting up with the countless revisions, total lane changes, tears, f bombs and everything in between, that brought us to this beautiful place. Working with other creatives is both a blessing and a curse... some of the sweetest results come from a table of creatives, collaborating together, while a few of the most frustrating emails come from those same people (BTW, I'm speaking totally about myself and what I put these gals through... they are damn near perfect). I am both thankful and honored, they chose to stick it out with us and can now, celebrate together! 

I love blogging, but I love designing more! It's been a real challenge to find time to use the restroom at least once a day, since launching this business almost 5 years ago but I am hoping I can find a perfect medium and connect with you guys, in a deeper, slightly more interactive way than the standard Instagram post, while sharing secrets, answering questions and diving further into some of our work! 

For now, get comfortable, grab your favorite glass of wine and get lost in our new look! We'll chat again soon, here, out in the field designing your homes, at the new studio or on social! Your support continues to surprise, humble and motivate us to keep going. Not always bigger (our new studio is less than 700 sq feet) but hopefully always better, in a more meaningful and authentic way, throughout our lives and our work. 

XO! KF + the LCo Design Team