LCo Design is a full-service residential Interiors + Renovations design firm, which focuses on Rustic Modern, Farmhouse, Bohemian, New Traditional and Mid Century Modern looks, in Arizona (and beyond... will design for travel). We meet every project with a contagious energy and passion for original design, while focusing on a collaborative experience between our process and our clients' wishes. We design for everyone from those stillin the womb (I die for a yummy Nursery project) to a hustling bustling family, or even a vacation home. We design with a natural flair and balance inspired by deep textures and calming colors. Our firm is available to assist in all aspects of a project from start to finish, including New Builds (builder or custom), Renovations of all sizes (friends don't let friend renovate without design), Interiors for all (from craft rooms to bathrooms) including smaller projects to elevate your home from "almost there" to "almost flawless".

Here’s how it works:

Please follow the link below to fill out all necessary information about your project. Once we look over each questionnaire, we will reach out to you to set up a consultation to discuss your dream home further.