Ep. 6: The UNEXPECTED With Turning Your Passion Into a Business

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You all know by now that Kristen turned her passion into a multi-million dollar business. In episode 6, she talks about all of the unexpected things that happened along the way. Tune in!

The Show Notes

When Kristen says the “unexpected” things and feelings that come with turning your passion into a business, how many of you think you know exactly what she means?

When she started recording this episode, she kind of surprised herself in that even she didn’t fully realize what she meant until she was in full swing recording. So here we go!


“I feel crazy frankly even making a podcast episode about this topic because so much of my life is amazing and wonderful, and I am so incredibly thankful for the means in which I’ve gotten to where I am,” Kristen says. “The point is, I don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful or that I shouldn’t be feeling this way, so let’s just get into it.”

It is an absolute blessing to be able to turn what you love into a business, specifically a business you can support your family or yourself with. Kristen truly believes it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself or someone else. Think about it, you spend more awake hours working in whatever capacity that is, than you do anything else. Your career is what consumes your daily life, for most of your daily life, so if you can find happiness in your job and what you do, that’s huge in and of itself!

When you think about the quintessential “American Dream,” one could argue that it boils down to turning your passion into a business. It’s what we think a lot of people truly want in life, especially for Kristen. She knew it’s what she wanted and always knew would happen for her, so she was absolutely committed to making that happen. While it can be really rewarding, if you don’t love it, it can pose a lot of negative feelings during your journey as a business owner.

“I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life then being an interior designer. So I wasn’t anticipating feeling lonely in turning my passion into a business. When people ask what my hobbies are and what do I do in my free time...well [for me] I turned those things into a business. It works and it’s amazing and I wouldn't change a thing, BUT in doing so, I no longer have a passion. I monetized it and made it my life, but now I'm devoid of my hobby.”

Kristen continues in saying that most of her passions and things she’s loved, she’s monetized. She loves fashion and is passionate about buying, so she started a retail shop as a passion project and now it’s a full blown business. She owns an A-frame cabin with her husband, Vince, and cousins so they could make memories with their families. It’s available for rent so now, it’s a business that they pay taxes on. Kristen love pilates, but her studio offered her a social partnership, so she literally is now taking stories on the reformer. “I’m so grateful, genuinely happy and not complaining, just reflecting on how I don’t really have a hobby or passion anymore,” she says. “This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing, it’s just a thing that’s unexpected and one no one really talks about. But if you are a self reflective person and check your gut, which I do, I never expected to feel lonely in this.”

Being an entrepreneur is extremely rewarding, especially when you get to the point of success that you can hire a team that’s just as passionate as you are about your “thing.” It’s even better when you see employees excel, grow and develop - an amazing thing that opens up your mind to possibilities that at one point seemed unattainable. BUT it can also be a lonely road, filled with thoughts and feelings that don’t get talked about because they’re not shiny or positive or could sound complain-y. Honestly, let’s cut the shit shall we? It’s important for us business owners, creatives, women in business, etc. to do a gut check every once in a while, and help others around us do the same. How are we doing knowing we have the weight of our world on our shoulders? Are we well? Check in on each other!!

Did you read that last paragraph? Yes? Good! Now, read it again and let that marinate for a second. Do you resonate? Have you experienced similar feelings?

“[This topic] has been weighing heavy on me. I’m more so shocked in recognizing that I feel this way, but now that I’ve pinpointed the issue, I want to help other entrepreneurs to prepare for when they inevitably feel this feeling, more than I ever was.”

The Takeaways

  • “Do you feel like there’s an unexpected price in turning your passion into a business? Yes. Passions can ebb and flow, and you could be over it in two weeks, but businesses need to have longevity unless you have a whole bunch of capital to throw around and you can come and go as you please.”

  • Think about what makes you the happiest. If you can look at whatever it is from a 40,000 level and take the emotion out of it, you might be able to make better decisions based on what you go forward with in business, and what you don’t.

  • Be steadfast in keeping the line very firm balancing what part of your passion translates to business, and what part of your passion stays just your passion.  

  • Do something to connect with yourself everyday. Whether that’s yoga, going on walks, reading books, listening to podcasts, coloring, painting, cooking, kayaking - whatever it is - keep a reserved place for that and that alone. As your business grows, you will be burning the candle at all ends - not both ends, all ends. You need to have some sort of outlet that gives you some relief.

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