75th Build - Master suite // Source Share

We still have the #75thbuild fresh on our minds, and know you do too because we’ve been getting messages asking for sources almost everyday since the grand reveal at the design open house party we had! Every project we finish we say is our new favorite…but this one really might be the new favorite! Let’s face it. It’s just that good! The design team, along with the team at E&S Builders, pulled out all the stops and no detail was left out! From the custom flooring to the coffered ceilings, this home truly has it all. As a team, we had many, many personal favorite moments throughout the home, and we thought we’d start with the master suite!

Between the chandeliers giving us a taste of European-influenced minimalism and the patterned headboard, it’s no wonder that you want to know the sources! Wellllll…guess what! We’re dusting off our share page and put together a list of some of the very best sources from the master suite at 75th!

You must know a designer never reveals alllllll of her secrets, but we used so many swoon worthy pieces, it’d be selfish if we kept it all to ourselves…right? Right! By now you’re probably well aware of our “it’s not a blog, don’t call it a blog” mindset and we know your time is precious so we’re just gonna get right to it! Use what you want, leave what you don’t and here’s to creating your own, Organic Desert Living slice of 75th!

20190620-4U4A8557 (1).jpg

Get THE LOOK for yo’self!

75th Build Product Montserrat.png
  1. Chandelier

  2. LCo Exclusive Wilder Accent Cabinet - W 36.2" D 16.5" H 36" 45 lb. $776.60 email info@thelifestyledco.com to place an order! We can ship almost anywhere!

  3. Bath Towels

  4. Black and brass table lamp

  5. Taupe Set

  6. LCo Exclusive Isla Console Table - W 52" D 12" H 32" $481.80 email info@thelifestyledco.com to place an order! We can ship almost anywhere!

  7. Headboard

  8. Pillow

  9. LCo Exclusive Cosette Chaise Bench - W 71.25" D 30" H 33.75" $1,699.00 email info@thelifestyledco.com to place an order! We can ship almost anywhere!

  10. Sconce

  11. Candlestick Holder

  12. Patterned Box

  13. LCo Exclusive Siobhan Table Lamp - W 14" L 14" H 20" $249.99 email info@thelifestyledco.com to place an order! We can ship almost anywhere!

  14. LCo Exclusive Miminalist Textile Custom Print Non-Glare Acrylic Sheet with Satin Black Metal Frame - W 46" H 34" $349 email info@thelifestyledco.com to place an order! We can ship almost anywhere!

  15. Wicker Chair

  16. Vases

  17. Jute Rug

  18. Casement Cabinet

Build: E&S Builders

Photography by Taylor Cole Photography + This Is Nick Photography

*affiliate links used | *Note: any pieces not listed do not have sources we are able to share

2018 LifeStyled CO SHOP Boho Gift Guide

It’s December 8th… raise your hand if you haven’t even started shopping yet?! Don’t worry, we haven’t either but we have made it really easy for you to both shop small + shop mighty, with gifts you can’t get at those big box places!

Did you know, we’re also gift boxing? #takethatamazon So now your coveted + curated gifts won’t show up in a blue crayon colored sack but instead adorned with a deep black ribbon and evergreen sprig with enough style to make even your most minimalist friends smile.


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Now, let’s take care of all the inspo you need to select the best gifts for your people!

2018 LifeStyled CO SHOP Boho Gift Guide








Those are our picks y’all! As of this moment, everything in the Gift Guide is available online! Remember, our brick + mortar stock (if you’re local in Gilbert, AZ) and our online stock are separate, so if it’s out online and you can pop by the shop, it may be there! We do not ship merchandise from our brick + mortar shop.

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Yallo! Our first post in the new "SHARE" page of our website! I get the feeling even twelve words in that you're thinking, "why is she calling it a "share" page when it's a freaking blog?!"... well, the word "BLOG", these days, carry a heavy expectation. You're expected to have perfect photography, perfect grammar, links, data, custom graphics, killer branding, partnerships, editorial planning, comments, comment responses and more more MORE MORE original and unique content. Oh then you have to Pin every.single.thing. and drive traffic to your little slice of internet! Then don't sleep and do it all over again, for yesterday's content and then write new content for today and add that onto the plate. See, it's a lot. It's a FULL TIME job and the some. So so much respect goes out to anyone taking the blogging life seriously because it is a lot more than what it seems. And don't even get me started on the haters... 

We focus on Design. And in addition to Design we focus on being community leaders, operating a retail store and spreading our #OrganicDesertLiving all over the place. I feel like committing to a blog is not in the top few of my life and if it's not in the top few it's basically not in. I blogged for 6 months when we first started THE LifeStyled COMPANY (5.5 years ago) and to be honest, I don't think this company got off the ground from my blogging. I think it got off the ground from my designing! Back to the point, if I don't call it a "BLOG" we can share what we want when we want, in a casual way, give you the info you need and leave it at that. I can't guarantee our photography will be anything more than my trust iphone or that our grammar will be correct but we're going to hopefully be able to quickly give you extra info we can't always convey on social while making you laugh a bit and without trying to shove a blog post down your throat. Take what you need, leave what you don't! 

Sound good?! YAY! Well, let's get on to what you actually came here for!


----> SOURCES FOR CASA DE LEE PROJECT, haiden + emmi's room ON INSTAGRAM <----


Black Shelving Units

White Bins with Black Shelving Unit (lettering on the bins is in our custom font, but you can have vinyl lettering made from this etsy shop in any font you like)

Black White Stripe Rug

White Kids Table + Chairs

Faux Cactus

Black White Pom Bed Throws

White Duvets, Inserts + Pillowcases - DVALA 

Felt Ball Garland 

Wood Letters on wall

Leather Pulls

Black White Botanical Prints

Black Curtain Rods + Rings 

Paint Color for colorblocking on wall // White paint

Boho Boys Room Design
Boho boys room design




Black Metal Frame Bed

Duvet Cover

Buffalo Check Lumbar

Black Gray Stripe Pillow Covers

Campaign Style 3 Drawer Chest


Custom Curtain Panels made by Cathy's Custom Pillows // Fabric Source

Wood Letters on wall

Leather Pull


Shiplap + Gray Paint

Wall Sconce

Book Caddy on Dresser

Black Curtain Rods + Rings 

Stool from HomeGoods

Photography by Shannon Lee Photography

*affiliate links used

If you have any other questions, shoot us a message on Instagram @lifestyledco